Some Secrets Should Be Kept

How Long Can You Keep Yours?

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Give it a Shot || Brittana

Brittany could hardly believe that after the train wreck the other night that Santana would want to try again.  Well, if she was perfectly honest, she could believe it because Santana was an amazing girlfriend.  She packed a few things just in case she decided to stay over, but didn’t want to expect it to happen.  Bouncing out of her room, she headed to her car and drove straight to Santana’s.  The more she thought about them being together in the way that her girlfriend had suggested, the more she liked it.  She really, really hoped her nerves didn’t get the best of her.  While she didn’t really like having… it, it would be mortifying if she wasn’t able to… perform.  If the current tightness in her pants was any indication, however, she wouldn’t have that problem. 

Parking in the driveway since Santana’s parents were gone, she slung her bag over her shoulder, locked the car doors, and made her way to the front door to knock.  Her heart was pounding in her chest with a mixture of trepidation and excitement and she hadn’t even seen her sexy Latina yet. 

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